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Teddy and Buddy Update: Holiday time!

Update from Teddy…

We have so far had a lovely start to 2022. We have been into the office a few times to catch up with our colleagues and make sure they are looking after all our friends coming into the clinic.

We have recently been to stay in a new kennel in Norfolk. We took Mummy Sarah and Daddy Trevor with us as someone needed to bring our beds, toys, blankets and food. It was a long journey so we asked them to stay for the week with us.

The new place was very close to a big lake with waves, seals and all sorts of birds. It was very windy and the lake kept stealing the beach – on one walk we had to go a long way on the sand for a paddle and other times it was right up on you. All very confusing, but we managed.

Buddy especially enjoyed his time and we almost lost him a few times as he kept stealing other dogs’ tennis balls and trying to get their owners to throw it for him. I tried my best to get him back, but no luck, so either Mummy or Daddy had to go and get him back. We then had to walk with them which was soooo embarrassing.

There was a lovely place up the beach that we took mum and dad to a few times. They always had water available for us and they brought mum and dad a drink as well as we sat under the table and caught our breath after the beach walk.

Buddy also did some ‘scuba diving’, looking for stones mummy threw into the sea. I know they just disappeared into the magic, but Buddy still kept looking under the water for the stone. Daddy was videoing Buddy, take a look at the video below!

As you can see from the photo, we had a very relaxing break. We stayed away for 7 nights and were pleased to be home as we missed our neighbour who we chat to regularly over the garden fence – we get in trouble for talking to him, but we like him.

Love from, Teddy and Buddy